Senator doesn't want 25 to Life on shelves

Ah, the genius of politicians. This New York senator feels the upcoming 25 to Life is the worst video game, morally wise, ever released because you can shoot cops, take human hostages, and shoot gang members. What this guy fails to realize is that you can play either a cop or drug dealer (player's choice), multiple games (dating back to the NES era) featured human hostages, and GTA lets you do far worse. He also probably didn't epect the game to jump over 400% in Amazon in Amazon's movers and shakers (as found by a cheapassgamer member) after his statement. Yes, you just made every kid in America want it even more, not the game maker. Brilliant.

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My thought exactly. No press is bad press. Free press is the best press. Simply by making a huge national stink over this means that orders of magnitude more underage people are going to buy the game than they would have otherwise. So, Senator Schumer basically defeated the purpose of his statement by making it in the first place. Politicians need to learn how to be more careful with their words.

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