Where did Ken go?

In case you forgot, this is still my site (Matt is a pretty good fill in, though). I have not gone on vacation. No, I have been working on two projects right now: Photochemical Sciences Outreach and BG News Alumni Society web sites. Then of course there is the usual Student Publications work.

Oh, and I picked up Forza Motorsport for Xbox. I am going to have to stop playing it long enough to write a review.

I will try and post things this weekend, but no promises. Life has gotten too busy to blog lately. And I don't get paid to write.

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Yessss... everything is going according to plan. The 'work' distraction and games have worked. I'm slowly gaining a foothold. Soon, it will all be mine... MINE!!!!

Err... I mean, I hope you come back soon. Yeah, come back.

Well, part of the problem is that my subcontractor has my PowerBook at the moment. Which makes it a lot harder to blog. I have so much work to do that when sitting at my G5 I feel like I am wasting time which I could be using to work on web sites.

And lets not put work in quotes here. OK? When the sites are live, you will see them.

Oh, and Matt, when you can install Movable Type, set it up, and tell me which port on a router is a WAN port, then you can take over this site :P Just kidding buddy.

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