BGSU Seal stolen; returned

I meant to post this at the beginning of May when our BGSU Seal was stolen. Not that I haven't been busy lately. But anyway the guy who stole it returned it after an anonymous tip led police strait to the perp. Read on...

The missing University seal was returned to campus police last Wednesday, June 15.
Source: BG News

I never thought someone would be that stupid to steal the University Seal. The guy also wrote a apology letter which probably swayed the university's decision to not press charges. That was the brightest thing he did.

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Richard Janda [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Unfortunately this was not the first time the seal at the center of the campus was stolen. As a previous Ohio resident, I returned the original bronze seal,(heavy damn thing} after discovering it hidden in my parents garage I believe in the late 70's or early 80's. My older brother, of 5yrs, was a student at BGSU from 1962 till 1966 when he died from a rare illness. None of us new about the seal until it was discovered while my parents were preparing to move to Florida. This thing was 3ft in diameter and 1 inch of solid bronze. We had since moved to Indiana and frequently returned to Cleveland so we decided to return it. I explained everything including my brothers death. BGSU was happy just to have the original seal back and thanked me for returning it. They had previously replaced it with an aluminum one which they said was bolted down. I remember walking the campus with my brother when he was there and seeing the bronze seal in place on a cement podium where sidewalks met. I guess it was only glued down. I'm sure he had help from another student whoever that might be since it took three of us to load it into my van.

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