BGSU tuition increased 6%

The BGSU Board of Trustees approved a 6 percent increase in tuition and fees for the 2005-06 academic year.

Students who enrolled before the summer of 2002 will see a $232 increase in tuition per semester, while those enrolling at or later than summer 2002 will see an increase of $244. The six percent increase reaches the maximum cap approved by the state of Ohio.

Source: BG News

If Ohio had allowed another 9% hike in tuition this year, I have no doubt that BGSU would have raised it 9% (again) this year. BGSU always raises tuition the max amount that the state allows.

Since I enrolled (originally) before the summer of 2002, I would assume my tuition only goes up $232. I will find out when I find out the cost of my fall classes Monday.

The number we did not publish in The BG News was the $900+ incoming freshman will be paying more then last year's incoming class. This is because room & board, and general fees also increased. Tuition used to be $14,000 and change, now it is more like $15,000.

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That's only marginally more than what most non-EU students pay here at Bradford - standard fees are £9000. EU and UK students presently only pay £1150 but that will go up to £3000 next year for undergraduate (i.e. first degree) courses.

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