It pays to call Time Warner

I cannot tell you how pleased I am after getting off the phone with Time Warner cable today. I don't even mind the 20 minute wait this time.

My monthly bill for cable internet and cable television is $93.45. (it used to be more!) I was about to get rid of the television. So I called. I told the lady I wanted to either reduce my bill for television or I was canceling it. This is always a good tactic by the way.

I am put on the six month introductory rate for $29.99 for the internet, down from the $44.99 monthly fee. So I saved $15 for six months for just one phone call. Nice huh?

It gets better. I can't be on this special all the time, it is only a six month thing. Reserved for "new" customers no less. This six month special is also good only if you have cable internet and television, which I do.

After the six months is up she tells me that I will be put on a permanent plan to reduce my bill by $20. We will see in six months, I am just happy to have saved $90 over six months.

So the moral of the story is to threaten to cancel. Rinse, repeat in six months.

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