Mainsoft Brings Visual Studio to Linux

Mainsoft has made it possible for Linux developers to use Microsoft's Visual Studio software to create Web applications for Linux.
Source: BetaNews

Why would you want to use a Microsoft product to create Java apps? Why would any linux user want to install anything that came from Microsoft? Doesn't Balmer & Co. hate linux?

What are they doing working with the enemy (in this case Mono)? They seem to be doing this a lot lately.

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I think the main point of making Visual Studio .NET available on Linux is so that all of the ASP.NET applications that people are developing can still be developed and maintained in the .NET languages (C#), but when compiled the byte code is translated into Java which can be run on a Linux box. This is also a step in the right direction for when the Mono project is closer to completion and ASP.NET applications can run directly on Linux (without converting to Java).

Of course I agree that if you are a Java programmer and create a J2EE app from the ground up, I would use an IDE for Java.

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