NBA 2K6 is starting over

Taking the franchise in a new direction. Shot Stick, franchise, trademark moves and more.

Gone from the series is Full Authority. Gone are the cut scenes of players talking to you looking for advice or a trade during The Association. Gone is IsoMotion as you knew it.

Source: IGN Sports

No more isoMotion? Yea, that's different. Entirely new offense, defense, and rebounding too. NBA 2K5 was good, but there was a bit of shine to Live 2005 that 2K5 just didn't have this time around. It takes a lot to take a franchise in a totally new direction, with new controls and new game mechanics. Visual Concepts saw the writing on the wall.

I am looking forward to seeing what VC comes up with this year for their NBA series. They know it has to be good, since EA took the NFL franchise from under their feet.

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