NY Politician wants grafitti game not to be released

To quote Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons:

"There is no emoticon for what I am feeling."

Mark Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is the latest target of a politician. Peter F. Vallone is a New York City Council Member. The game has players creating graffiti, sneaking into and out of areas to avoid authorities, and proving themselves to be the best artist in the game's fictional city. Voice actors include P. Diddy.

This attack on the game industry is so out of hand, so over the top, and so ridiculous, something, ANYTHING needs to be done to stop it. Jet Set Radio anyone? Bart vs. the Space Mutants? Games have featured grafitti long before Getting Up. This is nothing new, and it only shows just how uninformed these people are. The game looks awful anyway, and sadly, it's going to sell once people hear that it's controversial.

Just as it looked like it was all over, and Grand Theft Auto had finally ran its course, someone else decides a game is the reason for the world's problems. Someone should tell him to go to a library and ban all the books on the topic too. That's not going to make him look as good though, and that's obviously far more important than actually caring.

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