Reader Response: Entourage 2004 error -17099


I found your post concerning Entourage and error 17099. I received this error last night for the first time. I teach an online course and was sending an email to a group (created a group in address book with students email addresses) and blocking their email addresses from being seen. I had done this several other times and it worked fine.

Once the progress window completed, I rec’d the error message. Thinking that it had not gone out, I left it in my Outbox to try again (every five minutes). A couple hours later I heard from one of my students – she’d rec’d the message 29 times.

All other functions in Entourage are working fine. I receive and send email with no errors. But, I just tried to send another group email and the same error occurred. I assume that the email is going through, but am vexed by the error message.

Did you learn anything else about this situation? Was your similar? What to do?

Sorry for the long email – just wanted to be thorough – not trying to bore you.


Thanks for the email Jane. I got that error once and once only *knocks on wood* so I still do not know what it was all about. I send emails to groups of upwards of 7,000 people using Entourage 2004, and that has never triggered the error. So I am also still looking for the answer...

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