Reader Response: Killing PDFMaker

Just wanted to drop a line and give a big THANK YOU for helping me get rid of that super annoying toolbar. I owe you a beverage of your choice if you're ever in Atlanta. :)

I did notice that the file path for the .dot, .ppa, and .xla file is slightly different than what you have laid out in your article. I found the path to be Hard Drive/Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/ Office/Startup/App. No biggie, but if you're still updating the doc, I thought you might want to know. Thanks again for the help!


Thanks David, when I wrote this, it was for Office v. X. When I updated it for Office 2004 I guess I missed the change in the path. So thanks, I fixed the path for good now (I hope).

As you can see I have had a lot of "thank yous" on this one. From both Breaking Windows, and on Blogcritics. I even got hit by Slashdot for this post. You are very welcome, I am glad to help.

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