Soc 101 "People Like Us" paper

I just got my paper back on the video "People Like Us: Social Class in America." We watched it over Wednesday and Thursday, and it was due the following Tuesday. Of course I waited until Monday night to write it.

Barring a couple grammar mistakes (not a strong suit) I did really well. I got a 98% on it!

Yea, I had to look at that number twice.

Not only that, but a nice comment, "Ken - You have a fantastic writing style - everything flows beautifully. I enjoyed reading your paper. Keep up the good work."

And no, I did not make that up.

I just took the 2nd test Monday, I know I did not get 100% again. I could have studied more. I should have that test back soon.

The first time I took this class things did not go this way at all. It was not this easy either. Things sure have changed.

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Aunt Loie:

This soounds really great!!! Anne and I have always said what a really great writting style you have. ( And Anne'strong suit is editing) I guess we never said anything about it. You are GOOD.


Thanks Loie. It's pretty much because of spending two years or so blogging. Believe it or not. But I always did good in my english and writing classes in high school in college.

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