Sociology 101 in the summer

Summer classes are always hit or miss. You are either extremely busy or bored out of your mind. In this case, I am extremely busy. But I would not have it any other way.

I started Sociology 101 two weeks ago to fulfill a general education requirement. I need two SOC classes, and this takes care of one of them. I need to get this class done and over with this time. This is another class that I failed the first time. But that was years ago and I am much smarter about my college career now.

This class has 35 people in it. This is a class that has more then 150 people during fall or spring semester. I am very happy with the size of the class.

Our teacher is a graduate student. She is a Ph. D. candidate. I have had much success in the past when having a graduate student for a professor. Last summer I took Geology 101 from a graduate, and ended up with a B.

Of course the class is made up of mostly freshman. About one third are student-athlete either on the men's basketball or the football team. There are a few students my age or older, which was surprising.

During the opening introductions I found out that I am not the only person who has failed the class in the pass. Also surprising. It is nice not being the only one.

Of course the bookstore did not order enough books, nor did they order the last edition books so we could all save money. The bookstore on campus was out by the time of the first class, so I had to go to SBX, the off campus bookstore. I had to get the newest edition too, at the cost of $72.

$72 stinking dollars for an introduction to sociology text book. Simply outragious.

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Book which are required for certain classes are often priced absurdly high. I had to pay over 100 US$ for some books I needed while studying computer science. I think since people are forced to buy them, they can price them however high they want to. I ended up simply xeroxing the parts I needed from other students.

I thought of doing this myself. I have in the past just xeroxed the pages and took the book back within the couple days you get a full refund. In this case, however, the book was in shrink wrap.

It also did not help that there was a two chapter reading assignment due by the next class.

If it gets me past this bleeping class, its worth the money spent.

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