Study: DNA evidence underutilized

The study estimated that 250,000 unsolved rapes and homicides in the United States since 1982 - more than half of such crimes - have yet to be subjected to DNA testing...

"Nearly one-fourth of all the surveyed law enforcement agencies reported that one of the primary reasons for not sending DNA to a crime laboratory was the lack of a suspect in the case," the study says. "The problem with that is that those are the very types of cases in which the current national DNA database of existing criminal offenders can be most useful."

Source: CNN

Its nice to hear that the Bush administration and states are working to solve this problem, but it sounds to me that law enforcement in general needs to be educated before they throw money at the technology or the man power.

This study shows, in multiple instances, that law enforcement does not understand the use of DNA evidence. This is a bigger problem then not having enough trained technicians or enough money to perform the lab work.

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