Worst Amazon SPAM yet

I have seen my fair share of Amazon.com spam over the years. Some of it is actually pretty clever. This one, however, it gets the prize for the worst ever:


Thank you for your recent order with Amazon.com.
You buy The Satellite® R15 Tablet PC.
Your Price only $1597.28

Please confirm you purchase. See the attach for the full description. (which is obviously a zip file)

Sincerely, Mira Reno

Please allow 1 to 2 business days for a response from the shipping

Toshiba's first Tablet PC with integrated CD burner and 14.1" XGA display, the Satellite R15 also features Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology for powerful processing capability, wireless connectivity, and extended battery life!

Intel® Pentium® M Processor 716 (1.43GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 464MHz FSB)
Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet Edition 20aw (SP2)
No Microsoft® Office Software
526MB PC2700 DDR329 SDRAM (255MB x 2)
14.1" XGA Display (1010 x 705)
Intel Extreme Graphics 2 w/16MB-64MB (DVMA) shared video memory
vbGB HDD (4207 rpm)
Integrated DVD/CD-RW multifunction drive
Intel® Pro/Wireless Network Connection 2241BG (823.11b/g)

Also Includes:

3-USB (2.0) ports
i.LINK IEEE 1347
SD card slot
TV-out (S-Video)
External Microphone jack
Built-in microphone (monoaural)
Headphone jack
10/127 Ethernet
V.92/59K modem
RGB port

The sad part is that this was all in plain text, not even a mock up of an Amazon.com receipt. Where is the effort people?

But I guess if I am getting this stuff, it means people are falling for it. They open that zip file and they wonder why things are going wrong on their computer.

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