Armstrong shouldn't have to explain away allegations

I'm waiting. I know it's only a matter of time. It will be the story that rocks the sports world down to its very foundation. A French newspaper will come out with a front-page story to taint the other major accomplishment in Lance Armstrong's career. They will prove that Armstrong never really had cancer. All that Livestrong talk -- nonsense, the belief that you can conquer a sport after being given a virtual death sentence -- lies.
Sports Illustrated

That's just great writing, and the best I have seen on this latest Armstrong fiasco. This is truly sad, there is no way possible for Lance to clear his name. His accomplishments will always be tainted. He will always have a stigma. It doesn't matter if he did dope or not.

Do you think he doped? I don't.

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Do you think he doped? I don't.

Why do you think he didn't dope? Because he seems like a nice guy? Does that even matter?

Or because he never got caught?

Frankly, I have no doubt that all of the big names in bike racing did and still do dope. It's just a question of getting caught. Back when they took Armstrong's blood, they couldn't detect that he doped. Now, they can, and since they stored his blood, they did. There's frankly no question that he doped, just like there's no question that all the other good bikers doped.

Biking is a dirty sport, and at least over here, nobody takes it seriously.

And, pray tell, why do Americans hate the French so much? Without the French, you'd quite possibly still be an English colony :-)

The French have nothing to win from Armstrong doping. I actually think that Zülle was second in the Tour de France in question, so the Swiss (which includes me :-) would have to gain something from Armstrongs doping, even though he wouldn't have to give the medal back, either way.

And I think Zülle was caught doping in recent years, too.

Maybe you don't follow bike racing as closely as Europeans do, but no European ever doubted that all good bikers dope as much as they possibly can without getting caught.

And I wouldn't call the SI article "great writing". I would call it "xenophobic drivel".

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