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This is my first web site using Movable Type as a back end. MT is great to work with, as it is much more then a blogging tool. The BG News Alumni Society was recently formed, and now they have a site. It has been up in some form or another for a couple months now, but it is now mostly complete. The last thing I need to do is make the MailMan templates look nice. Plus some other small tweaks.

It took the most work to take the SMARTY templates of The BG News site and convert them to MT templates.

The BG News is having its 85th anniversary this year. I put together my first PayPal shopping cart for this site. PayPal is really great to use for Point Of Sale (POS) work.

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You realize that Smarty is built-in to the dynamic publishing tools in MT, so you could've (maybe) done the whole thing in Smarty? I don't think I could've, as I'm a crappy programmer, but it *is* possible.

Yes I realize it, but It would not work. The logic written for our BG News site is very specific to the CMS that New Digital has made.

I also would rather not turn on the dynamic publishing (SMARTY) features of MT. That would cost more in bandwidth for one, not to mention the fact that every time I have tried to get SMARTY working in Movable Type it has ended in failure. Oh yea, then there is the issue of that huge plugin library written in Perl not being compatible at all.

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