Congrats to Ken

After royally busting his ass, Ken managed to pass his sociology class with a score of 93%. He was probably going to post something on it, but this will save him the time. This is all after he claimed he had a "project" to look through magazines for ads that "exploited women." How convienient.


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Funny, ha ha. I got 103% on that project. If you want to see it, you can.

And I got 95% in the class damit. And I did work hard for it. I will still post about it.

But thanks I apreciate the post.

I got 103% on that project.

What kind of weird school is this where you can get 103 out of 100? :-)

Congrats anyway!

What kind of weird school is this where you can get 103 out of 100?

We're in America. You need to know no more. =;)

I found more ads then were required. I also wrote more then the rest of the class. It is called extra credit. It is always good to go for the extra credit ;)

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