Current University of Northwestern Ohio commercial

"I am a whiz at email and browsing the web, I'm virtually an information systems technologist."

Those are the exact words. I feel really bad for UNO. This commercial is so bad, I can't believe someone green lighted it. It takes a bit more then being able to get your email and browse the web to be an IT professional. I know many people who can check their email, browse the web, but could not tell you the difference between an RJ-11 and RJ-45.

I understand that they want to encourage people to enroll in their IT classes, and it is good to see advertising for IT classes, but they should not be using false advertising.


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I'm a whiz at breaking shit; I'm virtually a demolition expert going by UNO's standards.


well, I figure these are great job qualifications if you apply for a job at a pr0n site where you need to browse the web in order to steal images of nude chicks from other sites, and then e-mail them to your webmaster. It's a dream job, really. Sign me right up!

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