Google endorses open source XMPP with Google Talk

Google Talk was the talking point this week. It was long speculated about a possible web browser and an instant messaging client from the world’s most popular search engine after they showed interest in directly competing with Microsoft’s MSN and Yahoo! in various similar fields.
Source: TechWhack

Google Talk is out. At first try it looks like a nice chat client. But does the world need yet another chat client? Will Google take Jabber to the mainstream? Google is taking over the world. When will we see the Google Web browser?

So where is the Mac client? At least they used Jabber so that Mac chat clients such as iChat and Adium can connect to their service. They even have detailed instructions for other IM clients, with screen shots to help you connect to the Google chat servers.

Using Jabber was a great choice, and I wouldn't think of Google using anything else. Its great except for one thing: no interoperability with the big boys.

I have some issues with the Windows Google Talk client. It looks nice, thanks to its OS X-ish look. But by default it launches when Windows starts. This is a very AOL thing to do, and should not be a default setting. This should be a setting (which it is) and should be turned off by default.

My other major issue with the application is the 'x' close box in the main Google Talk window does not close the app, it just minimizes it into your Tray. You have to right click on the tray icon to exit. This doesn't say much for usability.

My last problem with Google Talk has nothing to do with Google, or their Talk client. It has to do with the fact that Windows computers do not have a built in microphone. So this makes Google Talk's most useful feature null and void.

I can't use voice chat because my new Dell laptop does not have a built in mic. I would have to buy a mic to use the voice chat feature. How useless is that?

This is one reason why iChat works so well.

Something I just noticed: I cannot use Jabber in Trillian. I have to pay for the Pro version to use the open source IM network. Nice call. I Can't stand having more then one IM client open at once, and I am not about to pay $25 for Trillian Pro. So I won't be using the Google Talk Jabber servers on my Windows box.

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Quit kibitzing and buy a microphone. Incindentally, I've never heard of a modern laptop not coming from microphone. Judging from the quality of everything else you've said (you realize that Windows AIM has the same default behavior, right?), I wonder if you looked before you wrote.

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