Simpsons Season 6 DVD absurdity

Dear Fox,

Thank you for sucking. Thank you for making this new season set with an impossible to handle Homer head box, from which the discs easily fall out, is fragile, and isn't even remotely logical. Thank you for changing the box so it doesn't match up with the rest of the sets. Thank you for making us go to your website and pay $2.95 for the REAL box. Thank you for printing the wrong phone number to tell us where to go for this redemption inside the Homer head box.

Thank you,

Matt Paprocki

Comments (6)

Oh come on Matt, you payed $5 for the LOTR super-huge special editions DVD case. Of course we ended up getting 2 for that price. I never figured that one out.

But I know what you mean. Standard sized DVD cases are standard size for a reason. They make shelving for that size. The industry should stick to that.

There's a difference though. The LOTR box was a nice gesture. They didn't have to provide that box at all, and then expect people to shell out for the entire set.

This "box" doesn't even hold the discs properly, and it's made of a cheap, breakable plastic. It should have been released in the standard packaging to begin with, or better yet, just release half with the Homer pack, and half with the standard. This is a real pain in the ass.


GOD DAMN!!! you people are so anal retentive it makes me sick!!!! Shame on them for being creative and trying something new

So wait... you're pissed at me or Fox?

I am assuming you Matt. I mean, why should you want your DVDs to fit in the DVD stand you bought. That is just so selfish of you. Why Matt? Why? [/sarcasm]


simpson season 6 is well good

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