Soc 101 final test and grade

Although Matt already let the cat out of the bag early, I still wanted to comment on this grade.

First of all, it was so nice to not have to wake up for a 9:30 AM class today! It is so nice to have it done and over with.

I got a 95% on the last test. And to be honest I only studied for half an hour before the test. If I can get a 95% by doing that, I don't see the point in burring my nose in the books for longer. That and taking classes while working two jobs is a not-so-fun juggling act. It does not leave a lot of time to study.

I will officially get my grades August 11, but I already know how I did. I ended up with a 95% for the class.

Now some of you, like my friend Gregg, would say "So you got an 'A' in the easiest college class." Well, not so much. Not for me. I have, in the past, struggled with these types of classes. I really cannot explain it. I just know this time around Soc 101 was a lot easier then when I failed it in the past.

Things are looking up though. Art History 145 is next.

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