Sony Calls DS 'Gimmick'

"With the DS, it’s fair to say that Nintendo stepped out of the technical race and went for a feature differentiation with the touch screen,” Harrison continued. “But I fear that it won’t have a lasting impact beyond that of a gimmick – so the long-lasting appeal of the platform is at peril as a direct result of that.”
Source: MCVUK

Let the mud fly. Ever since Sony decided to get into the handheld market, and invade Nintendo's utter dominance in the space, both Sony and Nintendo have been trading blows.

Now if you were to ask me what I thought of the DS, and I know you are dying to know, I would say the DS is nothing but a gimmick too.

The DS has some great games out. That's a fact. It has had some huge releases and longevity in its short life where the the PSP has not. You could say the PSP looks like the sprinter, where the DS is the cross country runner so far.

Most of the greatest games on the DS uses some gimmick. Some are more successful then others. My question is: what the hell is wrong with a gimmick if it works?

Current and future generations games and consoles are not about graphics. We are past that threshold. Bringing something drastically new to the table, the touch screen, voice recognition in Nintendogs, etc. is why the DS is so successful. Its great technology that makes for enjoyable games.

So far all Sony has showed us with the PSP is port after port and an occasional new game (that was at launch). It also never apologized for missing two launch dates for the 2.0 firmware upgrade, and has left those of us who plunked down $250 in March 2005 with a full summer with hardly any titles, much less quality ones. (A full six months if you consider that the next big release, Madden 06, will not come out until the end of September.)

Is it any surprise the Nintendo DS is selling well?

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When I read this, I started to wonder: What exactly is a gimmick? Is it even something negative? So I fired up, and lo and behold, one of the definitions is:

An innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance

So I guess Sony was complimenting Nintendo for their innovative hardware?

So far all Sony has showed us with the PSP is port after port and an occasional new game

Oh come one, they have lots of new games! I mean, look at Rengoku! Oh, and Coded Arms is a classic, right? Smart Bomb was simply spectacular. The new Dead to Rights war a true work of art.

Ok... I guess you have a point.


At least Sony is keeping true to its gimmick of overhyping a system and failing at life when it launches.. I just hope something... anything comes out soon that will make me believe that i didnt screw myself out of $250.

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