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Finally, someone is speaking out against insane anti-game crusader Jack Thompson. Mr. "I'm better than all gamers and I know more than you's" website is This is a great way to post actual truths, and rib on his website. Kudos guys for doing something anyone who plays games wanted to do.

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It seems they're getting one hell of a response, so they seem to be going down once in a while. If you can't get there now, try again later.

Sorry about the downtime, guys...we got a lot more visitors in the past two and a half days we've been online than was expected by our host...

I estimated at the end of the week we might have 1000 visitors total, considering no one on staff has advertised the website in any way except on the forum it originated on. But slightly less than two days after the domain is registered, we have over 15,000 hits, and with barely any actual content O_O

So if it goes down again, it will just be temporary. I've invested too much time, money, and heart in this idea to just let it die. I've also been careful as hell to make sure JT has nothing solid he can threaten me with ;)

Thanks for the advertising, Matt. And thanks for the articles :)

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