Stuck on You DVD Review

It's not unexpected to head into a Farrelly brothers movie and be shocked. It's expected actually. Stuck on You is different though. It's still shocking, yet it's not making every attempt to offend people at every turn. It's a somewhat different comedy from the same guys who made hair gel users think twice about the product. It actually shows restraint.

Let's be honest. There are countless ways to go overboard with the subject matter. Conjoined twins, in the hands of these guys, are certainly ripe to joke about. Instead, Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear play two characters that almost seem to enjoy being stuck together. They've made things work because they have to, and they accept it.

This of course leads to the comedy portions including a priceless scene in a football game (in which quarterback Kinnear passes to Damon because he's "open"). However, it does show the directors have held back, leaving most of these scenes to flashback, and focusing on the issues at hand. That includes a career and of course a relationship (or two), where the conflicts start and the brothers begin questioning who they are.

It's easy to miss some of the humor here, told through quick lines and it makes repeat viewings a necessity. The rest of it is obvious, and at times forced. Some of the celebrity appearances is cringe-worthy and doesn't make any sense at all (Meryl Streep included).

That doesn't take much away from the film though, and it's fast pace and non-stop jokes. The characters make fun of themselves and the movie, giving the film the light-hearted feel it needs to succeed. It makes a few nice side characters along the way too.

It's probably best to go into Stuck on You thinking it will be typical Farrelly material. That makes it all the more surprising and enjoyable. Sadly, there will be people turned off just because of who directed it, but it's worth a go. It's hard not find at least something entertaining in the end, and that's what it's all about anyway. (**** out of *****)

This clean transfer presents the film beautifully, in 2.35:1 widescreen. Compression is minimal yet noticeable in a few scenes. Clarity is stunning most of the way through, and fine detail is superb. Usual pitfalls like grain are present, but subdued. (****)

Presented in 5.1, there's little here to work with. The few scenes where it could make an impact never works. It's entirely centered in the front speakers, with little or no separation. There is some minor, subtle work in the rear speakers in a few brief scenes, though it's not enough to make anything here stand out. (**)

This is a nice special edition, if a little light. The Farrelly brothers have a commentary here and while they're enthusiastic, it would have been nice to have Damon and Kinnear discuss their experience with full body suits, not to mention being attached. The deleted scenes are mostly dry. There is one involving camera theft that could have been a keeper; it simply runs a little too long (and it could possibly have bumped the rating up).

The Farrelly Formula is rather, well, junk. It's various actors who worked with the directors praising them. Must be nice to be a Farrelly in this situation. This doesn't seem like anything a fan would want to see.

Stuck Together is a general look at the making of the film, including the script coming up in the early 1990s. It's worth a look if you enjoyed the film. Making it Stick discusses the incredible make-up effects, most of which are impossible to detect.

The blooper reel is disappointing. It's not like there isn't funny stuff here (Kinear's mistimed "happiness" is priceless), but most of it is inside jokes. This stuff is incomprehensible. The disc stops at the trailer and a now outdated inside look at the even funnier Dodgeball. (***)

The box office was not kind to Stuck on You, and Fox ate over $20 million on it. It must have been the actors and prosthetics, because this barely looks like movie that cost $55 million to make. Not that the financial aspects in anyway can decrease the enjoyment here, it's just sad to see one like this fail.

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