T-Mobile: Where your sense at?

What a generous corporate donor. These fine folks at the English-challenged T-Mobile have given residents in Hurricane Katrina's level 5 path free Wi-Fi service in hotspots. Maybe they should drop off laptops to the people stranded on their roofs.Or better yet, donate money for the clean up efforts. Or maybe they could figure out a way to provide service under the water, since the states are under it. Surely those people who are now out of house and home will gladly take a dive into the water to find their laptops and then head to a local Starbucks, right?

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Though generally speaking I'm with you because power is out in most of the area, but it's not a totally disingenuous offer in the outlying areas.

Think about it for a moment.

Somebody should offer free WiFi and loaner computers in the dome at Houston where many are being moved.

The word is that a lot of cell phones are down in the area. Maybe folks can use these hotspots and VoIP phones (or software like Skype) to contact their loved ones in other areas. I'm sure a lot of family members are very concerned down there. Surely somebody will let these folks use their computers? Somebody could pony up loaner VoIP phones.

A Verizon rep told me that the phone network is much more of a stress on their infrastructure than the broadband wireless network, so VoIP could be the most reliable option if cell phones and other phones are unavailable.

I understand that T, but honestly, wouldn't it make more sense to donate a massive chunk of cash like, oh, every other major corporation than give then internet access? How does this benefit anyone walking through knee deep water to recover their things and get their lives back together like on CNN?

I can understand the obvious need to contact family entirely, but there are far more important things than internet access for most of the population there now. The people who are in the area need help, not the ones that have made it out. Yes, they're not without need of course. However, money, food, water, and temporary shelters simply make far more sense.

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