Using ARTstor at BGSU for off-campus students

To use at BGSU you have to jump through hoops. If you happen to live off campus, you have even more steps. ARTstor is not free, so there is a reason for the steps. There could just be some clear cut instructions given to art students. Thanks to a few emails back and forth between my art history professor and myself, this process is a lot clearer now.

Step 1: Go to the BGSU Libraries site.

Step 2: Click on Research Databases.

Step 3: Click A.

Step 4: Go to page 3.

Step 5: Click on the #28, Artstor listing.

Step 6: Click on Off-Campus Access on that page.

Step 7 : Type in your last name and P00#, click Submit.


Step 9: Wait a really, really, really long time for the massive Java app to load.

See. That was less then 10 steps, piece of cake. The site is very helpful. I wish I was told about it the FIRST time I took an art history class (that would have been years ago, say 1999).

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