Windows offers new vistas of spending

People wanting to upgrade to Windows Vista are likely to need not only a new computer with more robust hardware, but a new monitor as well.

A US tech consultant says technology in the new version will fuzz protected digital content unless it is viewed on a monitor which has High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Subscription Required. My only question is: What does Windows need copy protection of this magnitude for? There are plenty of other ways on a computer to secure content compared to a TV (where this technology came from).

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What does Windows need copy protection of this magnitude for?

Probably so you can't hook your computer up to some kind of recording device which then records the protected content into an unprotected form.

This really sucks, though. There's less and less stuff you can do with the media you bought...


This is not Microsoft's fault, it's the fault of the HDCP/HDTV/HDMI/etc standard.

If you just bought a $12,000 plasma TV you'll be glad to know that when HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray arrive, you won't be able to watch HD content because your new "HD" television is probably not HDCP compliant.

To watch HDTV content on your home TV you'll need a HD player (naturally), but also a compliant HDCP television, and maybe even audio device.

The same rules apply to HDCP on a computer. ANY computer. Windows, Linux, Apple, Palm, whatever.

There is a Linux kernel with HDCP in the works, or so I'm told. And according to my Apple-using friends, Apple hasn't made a move one way or the other.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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