Wow... something other than hate mail!

Got this today from DP member Dji:

Hello Mr. Paprocki,

Just wanted to say thanks for the many reviews you have here. I've found many of them quite informative and/or funny. I've nodded in agreement at most of your assessments. Of course I haven't read them all, but one thing's for sure: I'll be reading any review I encounter with your name on it. And that's saying something, since I can't stand reviews 95% of the time, especially mainstream ones. In fact I don't even read them anymore. Especially those by Matt Casamassina, of IGN fame. 9 out of 10 for Donkey Kong 64? ("Buy it.") What about Ivan Sulic's review of Jak 3 ("If you like games, you'll buy this immediately or we'll come to your house and beat you to death."). Bleh Damn I can't stand being told "you're not a true gamer if you don't buy this" or other such nonsense (I hate the phrase "must-have" with a passion), which most reviewers are extremely fond of... as well as calling every other game the best ever and giving 9's all over the place.

And what about Hilary Goldstein's review of Metal Slug 3 for Xbox, in which he (yes, he) actually recommended that the reader download a rom instead of paying the "ridiculous amount of money SNK was asking" (not actual quote). This was taken down shortly thereafter. Damn IGN sucks. And it's not like GamePro, EGM or especially the official mags are better. I'd be willing to bet that most of these guys have never seen a Neo Geo (whether AES or MVS) in their lives, yet alone played one. GameSpot seems a little better, yet it's skewered towards PC gaming too much for my tastes.

Anyway... I can see you're a huge fan of beat 'em ups, run and gun, fighters, etc. and so am I, so that's nice. I'm eager to read your reviews for genres I'm less familiar with/interested in, too. You are obviously knowledgeable and you have strong opinions. Nothing worse than a wishy-washy review, except maybe a fanboy's review. Thankfully, you've found a nice balance as a reviewer. Keep it up. However, I've noticed a few typos here and there, and that always bugs me. Otherwise I couldn't ask for more. Thanks again.


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