Apple unveils nano, ROKR and iTunes 5

On Wednesday, at a special event in San Francisco, Apple took the wraps off the long-awaited iTunes phone from Motorola, the ROKR. Apple also updated iTunes to version 5.0 and introduced its replacement for the iPod mini: the iPod nano.
Source: MacCentral

That black iPod nano looks nice! I have a feeling that will be a bigger seller then the white nano. It was just a matter of time before the iPod mini got replaced with a color screen.

I am sad to say, but I had higher hopes for the iTunes Phone, now known as the ROKR. How about bluetooth sync of Address Book and iCal information (or Outlook for Windows users). And just like the RAZR, I can't use the phone on my network Verizon network. But at $249, I would think it would have syncing to Apple apps other then iTunes (think iPhoto, Address Book, and iCal).

iTunes 5 was the best news of the day though. For Windows users, it means iPod syncing with Outlook or Outlook Express. For anyone (like me) who uses playlists liberally, it means much better organization with folders. I absolutely love this new feature. Now I can categorize - and collapse - parts of my library.

As a side note: QuickTime 7 for Windows (7.0.2, same as Mac) was released with iTunes 5 for Windows. I can't tell you how much this means to me. It means I can finally push people on h.264 for a QuickTime codec as it finally works on Windows.

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Are you sure the ROKR won't sync via Bluetooth? I was assuming since it had Bluetooth it would sync with iSync (or at least it would in a forthcoming version of iSync) ... but on the other hand, maybe they were thinking if you are plugging it in via USB to sync music anyway, they would take care of all the syncing that way and not worry about BT syncing? Anyway, the BT syncing would be much handier, for sure, so if they did leave that out, then BOO! :)

Well, to be honest, there really is not much information other then the phone does have BT. Bluetooth headset? Sync iTunes music via BT?

I assume it will use iSync. Which just urns for syncing with Address Book and iCal. This could have been the PDF-phone I would have bought.

I also see it as a missed opportunity with a camera on the phone, that there is no iPhoto support. But I suppose Cingular needs its 25ยข or whatever per picture to transfer it over their data network.

I don't know if you travel a lot, but moving away from Verizon might be a good idea if you go overseas a lot. The ROKR E1 is a GSM phone so it'll work almost anywhere - CDMA phones, which Verizon use, are only good in the US and Canada (and parts of Iraq). All the networks in Europe have standardised on GSM and most other networks in other countries have too.

Yea i really wish the US would stop this competetive crap and go with GSM accross the board too. But then I think we should use the metric system over here too, so what do I know.

At the moment, Verizon makes sense because most my friends/all my family uses Verizon = free calls.

On the other topic of this post: man do I want one of those black iPod nanos!

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