Bush lands in Katrina disaster area

I'm not one to comment on politics. I think I've made one or two posts on the topic, mostly for humor (excluding game violence rants). I find the process ridiculous, annoying, and aggravating. I have no idea about what the left, right, up, down, north, south, etc. believe. But Bush, let me ask you this:

What the fuck are you doing?

Excuse my language, but I cannot possibly believe this man is dumb enough, egotistical enough, and likely non-caring enough to land in this devastated area and get "briefed" conveniently for the national news coverage, and then fly over. What good does that do? Do you honestly believe, in some way, that people want to see you "briefed" on the situation with your classic smug face or that you didn't know about the situation beforehand? Do you think the people outside, dying, collapsing, homeless and starving give a shit that you say, "We're doing all we can?" How the hell are you doing all you can when a reporter on CNN is watching a dead woman BEING EATEN BY RATS as he reports?

The mayor of N.O. went nuts in an interview on CNN saying he doesn't want press conferences; he wants (*gasp*) help! I've never seen anyone in his position go off as he did, and he has every right to do so. Quit telling people it's coming. Get it there now. It's been five days. They're allocating $10.5 billion to help these people. That's two days in Iraq. Brilliant. Way to care for the people in your country.

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Ha ha! My sentiments exactly.

I was talking to my aunt the other day (who reads this blog a lot!) and she told me that the Director of Homeland Security had no idea that people were using the Superdome for shelter! Hello, it's the top story from every SportsCenter broadcast to CNN.

I can only chalk that one up to the Bush administration.

This is classic. After he visited convienently friendly people (and turned a girl as he was hugging her for a better camera shot), he stops into a soup kitchen and eats. HE'S EATING THEIR ONLY FOOD! Unbelievable.

And isn't just strange how for five days nothing happened, but as soon as he lands we get a massive convoy of relief? Just ironic timing? I think not.

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