Clinton: Government 'failed' people

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- Former President Bill Clinton on Monday said the government "failed" the thousands of people who lived in coastal communities devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and said a federal investigation was warranted in due time.
Source: CNN

You can read the interview, or watch it - only on Windows though. I think it is sad that the Bush Administration and the State Government of Louisiana is playing the blame game over this. I think the logical way to look at this is that it started out as a Louisiana problem, and escalated into a very quickly into a national problem. It's just FUBAR all around, and instead of blaming people, action needs to be taken. This is because things are getting to the unhealthy state, E. coli etc, etc.

CNN's free video was a good call, but they need to realize we have Windows Media Player 9 on the Mac too.[/rant]

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