Guacamole costs extra

I think this is as good a time as any for a rant about BGSU's insanely outrageous pricing in their dining centers. Their grocery store pricing is equally outrageous as well, but that is another post all together.

I try and brown bag my lunch as much as possible, because of BGSU's need to ream their students over everything they buy on campus.

Today was not a brown bag day - I have no food in my fridge at the moment. So I got a burrito at the Student Union. This is my usual lunch when I do not bring my own lunch.

Its setup like Subway, you tell them what you want on it. When I get down the bin of guacamole, the preparer of the burrito kindly informs me that the guacamole will cost me 50¢ extra. To which I asked "Have I always been paying 50¢ extra?" Her reply was "No" thankfully. This new condiment charge was just added, today.

I can't flipping believe it! This burrito is overpriced as it is, and now they want me to pay more just to have guacamole on it?

They are out of their minds. Yes, indeed they are.

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Wow. $0.50 for guacamole? Isn't the darn thing like 5 bucks in the first place? Glad I am done with my schooling there. First the credit card charges and now the guacamole!

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