Hilarious Amazon.com fanboy review of the DS

You can read it here, but I've pasted it for easy reading:

"No, the PSP can't download DS games on the PSP. That would be considered stealing, since Sony doesn't own Nintendo games or it's characters. And, if Nintendo employees joined Microsoft or Sony, Nintendo characters will go on to PS2 and XBox and make them kiddy systems, which you all PSP fanjerks hate so much. Then, they would both be as much of a "failure" as Nintendo (no offense, Big N). So, if Nintendo gets bankrupt, you can kiss Sony and Microsoft goodbye as well. (A big cookie to the first person who can any sense out of that)

Oh, let's go back in time a bit.

1889: Nintendo was founded

Atari was founded
Atari's Pong, the very first video game, was created (There's a huge debate with this, and it's way too involving to get into here)

Nintendo's Game & Watch, the very first handheld games, were created. (Not true. Milton Bradley had those small lineups before G & W, though if you want games with actual screens instead of blips of light, then yes).

Donkey Kong was created. (Hey, he got one!)

The NES was released the inspiration for Xbox and Playstation (The word speechless comes to mind here. I can't fathom the logic he's using to figure this out)

If Nintendo would've quit, your precious Xbox and PS2 would have never been born. (Technically, he's wrong and right. The NES did save the industry, but they never really started in the home console market to quit)

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Ah, that was a good laugh Matt.

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