I am the prophet of irony

OK so maybe I'm not the only one who turned to his roommate days ago and sarcastically remarked, "Gosh, wouldn't it be kind of funny if all these third-world countries started sending us help?"

"Poor nations that usually turn to the United States for assistance, such as Honduras, offered to become donors as did Sri Lanka and Indonesia ..." More than 40 nations and governmental organizations in all, including, as I understand, Nigeria, Afghanistan and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Oh and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

"Countries were very generous after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States but officials said they could not remember this kind of outpouring of sympathy and aid for any other natural disaster on U.S. soil." Here's what I want to see out of this, on the national scene, that not even Sept. 11 could accomplish for very long: American humility.

I don't want to see a single goddamn bumper sticker of Calvin pissing on a hurricane or any shit like that... Or anyone pledging to "nevar forget" while clutching a rifle and glancing anxiously out to sea... Or any cavalier "Woo USA #1!" car horn honking beer-swilling bullshit. I want to see the entire country, once it's back on its feet, to quietly acknowledge the debt and responsibility it owes the entire rest of the world, especially the countries it has so far treated like shit. If that means overlooking a little national debt on the part of some other country or relaxing trade or immigration restrictions or anything like that, even if it means Americans have to tighten their belts a little instead of rushing to call in loans and otherwise recover at the expense of other nations, let them do it humbly and gratefully.

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Thats a nice thought for sure. But if there is one thing we do not poses as country, its humility.

I will be speechless if we see Bush do anything you suggest.

I find it pretty funny that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has pledged his help, I mean, since Pat Robertson wants him assasinated and all.

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