JAVOedge Anti-Glare PSP Screen Protector

When the PSP came out, I bought a package from Mad Catz. It has screen protectors with it. It surely is not anti-glare, and it took me 3 scrapped protectors (it comes with 4 or 6 protectors) to get one on, and I still had an ugly air bubble in the middle of the screen. Not the best.

JAVOedge just started shipping their products, so I gave the JAVO Screen Anti-Glare a try.

While I do not care for the part that wraps around the D-pad, Analog Stick, and face buttons, It does go on a lot easier then the Mad Catz screen protector. I got it on the first try, and got all major air bubbles out. I only have some small air bubbles that really have no air trapped in them (not noticeable when the PSP is turned on). Not the case with the Mad Catz protector, where it was very obvious where the air bubble lived - right in the middle of the screen.

I chose to cut off the excess on the left and right of the screen protector, because it does not lay on the face of the PSP that well. The face of the PSP curves on the ends, where the D-pad and face buttons are, and the plastic does not stay stuck in these areas.

After two days of use, this JAVOedge Anti-Glare screen protector is the best I have seen. And it is really anti-glare. It does a great job. The company also has an Ultra Clear protector, but I have not tried that one. I am quite happy with the Anti-Glare protector for now.

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