Lumines and Meteos go mobile

The PlayStation Portable puzzler Lumines and the Nintendo DS sensation Meteos are coming to mobile, courtesy of Gameloft. The mobile maker has signed a long-term exclusivity agreement with Q Entertainment, developer of the original titles. Both games were ushered on to their respective portables by famed producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi.
Source: IGN PSP

Great news to mobile phone users everywhere!

Comments (2)

No touch screen w/ Meteos = No way to play.

Lumines on cell phone = perfect fit.

Shame it's one of the best games on a $250 game system and now it can be played on a cell phone.

... that these days could run you $250.

But yea I know what you mean, its a shame it is not exclusive now. But then there is also the Java version of Lumines that poped up right after it hit the PSP. I have it on my laptop right now.

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