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...individual .Mac accounts now offer 10GB of data transfer—up from 3GB previously. And for those who purchase an additional 1GB of storage space from Apple for $50 a year, the total bandwidth is 25GB. With these greater limits, I think few .Mac users will have problems with bandwidth from now on. And for that, I say good job.
Source: MacCentral

As if the 1 GB of combined iDisk and email storage was not enough, you now get 10 GB of bandwidth a month for your $100, not to mention all the other features you get. A lot of Mac shareware developers use .Mac to host their downloads, and it is really annoying when they have no more bandwidth left for that month.

I personally pay for .Mac for seamless sync of my PowerBook and my G5. The upgrade to 1 GB of file storage was enough of a reason for me to renew my membership this year.

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