Man with the Screaming Brain Sci-Fi Channel Original Review

The premise is here. Man with the Screaming Brain puts Bruce Campbell into the role of a rich pharmaceutical company owner who ends up with only half of his brain after being killed. The other half comes from a Russian cab driver.

That leads to the movies few bright spots, particularly the segment inside the restaurant as the two brains fight to order food. This wouldn't have worked as it does if it was anyone other than Bruce Campbell pulling it off. If the entire movie went along like this, there would be little to complain about.

Unfortunately, it doesn't, and Man with the Screaming Brain becomes a patience test as it moves along with little coherence or enjoyment. It's impossible to describe some of the scenes in here, which are done either with a juvenile style or none at all. Ted Raimi (yes, Sam's brother) is the only entertaining character outside of Campbell, and that's because he gets the best lines that come just at the right time.

Everything else is bad. There's simply no other word that can possibly describe this, and it's not worth digging through a thesaurus to find one. It has no sense, logic or entertainment value. It takes far too long to get going, and the build up is hardly worth the wait. This is the type of movie that never once becomes fun enough to draw the viewer in.

Oddly enough, it's probably going to find an audience. That's because of Bruce, and only because of Bruce. He's the one that directed, wrote, and starred in it. It's easy to respect and enjoy his goofy, oddball, and off-the-wall films most of the time, but just like his recent Alien Apocalypse, this is a disaster.

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I had been looking forward to this movie for weeks. But I fell asleep half way through it. If it comes on again, I'd watch it.

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