Massive update to the Digital Press review page

If you're only reading my game reviews here on BW, you're missing 90% of what I write. All of my reviews for non-current consoles appear on Digital Press. There's a reason I normally don't post this information here (I'd be doing it every week), but this update is a special one.

We broke the record.

Today, 95 new reviews have been posted in one massive update. The old record was 74. Needless to say, that's been crushed. The vast majority are by me, but Tyler writes for DP too, and his stuff is now up as well, along with a few others. I also may as well announce since DP founder Joe Santulli is living the dream and opening his game store, I've taken over the review section, like an editor without the paycheck. Updates will be more constant, so it's worth checking every few days to see what's new.

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Yay for updates. I do need to review something other than an RPG soon so I can send it to DP.

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