Motorola CEO: 'Screw the nano'

Apple Computer's newest MP3 player, the iPod nano, is receiving rave reviews and analysts believe the device will solidify Apple's dominance in the competitive MP3 player market for at least another year. However, not everyone praises the device -- Motorola CEO Ed Zander had some harsh words for the nano in a recent interview.
Source: MacCentral

I think there is a rather large portion of the world that "listens to 1,000 songs," and is glad to have only 1,000 songs in their pocket. I don't see how politicly sound this is for Mr. Zander as the reviews of the new MOTO ROKR have been luke warm at best. Lets face it, the ROKR is a dud. I don't think Apple should have gone with MOTO in the first place (they have absolute crap phones in my opinion).

You usually do not get such a juicy sound bite from such a high profile CEO.

So why is the MOTO CEO blasting the iPod nano? Especially as MOTO now has a business relationship with Apple. This just makes the MOTO ROKR an even bigger eye soar in the media. Good job Mr. Zander. You can take your crappy attempt at an iTunes phone and shove it.

I do have one question though: Who listens to 100 songs, (the ROKR limit) to paraphrase your quote. Not many, as the mediocre reviews of your new phone show. Yet the nano is flying off shelves. Imagine that!

Sounds like stable ground between MOTO and Apple (sarcasm).

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I wouldn't describe Motorola phones as crap. Have you seen the RAZR V3? Very stylish and ridiculously thin - not unlike the iPod Nano.

I will admit, I have never seen the RAZR. But everything prior to the RAZR has been crap, and the ROKR is crap too. I'll have to see what the user opinions are on the RAZR. It looks cool, sure. But that means squat in a cell phone.

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