My iPod Shuffle fell apart

My iPod shuffle is broke. One day, out of the blue, when I pulled the shuffle from my G5 the case came unattached from the metal USB port. There is a ribbon that attaches these two pieces. It has gotten progressively worse, it just falls out. I need to find/buy some super glue to put the thing back together. But I bet when I do that the warranty (if any) will be null and void.

All I do is carry my shuffle in my pocket. I think this would fall under "normal use" and I would really like to know why this thing has fallen apart after maybe having this thing for a few months.

I don't even use it anymore as I fear that the ribbon will break and I will be out a 1 GB iPod shuffle.

I have two other iPods, and was really looking forward to the size of this one. I hear the iPod nano is put together well, hopefully better so then the shuffle. I am sure I will pick up a nano sooner or later, but I like the dual use of the iPod shuffle.

Has anyone else had a problem like this?

I posted this at the Apple Discussion forums and got no response - no surprise there. That place is always hit or miss. I posted over at Playlist and got a reply from Chris Breen, exactly who I wanted to hear from.

Take it back. The shuffle is covered by a year warranty.
The only problem with that is there is no Apple Store close to me. There is one in Mich., one in Cleveland, one in Columbus, and one in Cincy.

I need to call Apple, maybe I can send it in. Of course this means I need to find the box.

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That's what happens when you buy an Apple product...

*ducks incoming attack*

Happy to hear that you have a new shuffle.

We got ours replaced too, but we have an year of Applecare just in case :)

I can't tell if that is a SPAM comment or not. I don't think it is.

Ironically I get AppleCare on everything myself. But I did not think a $129 iPod shuffle would need one.

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