New Hummer 3 commercial

Maybe it's just because I'm tired, but I've missed an entire quarter of the Chiefs/Raiders game because of this commerical. I can't stop watching it, and I've been on the floor in tears because of laughter twice. If anyone has a link to it in another format other than Quicktime (which the one I supplied is), let me know. I would pay to have this on DVD. No really, I would.

Just to note, if you've only seen it on TV, you're missing half of it. The 60-second version is MUCH better. When he hands her the tree I lose it every time, both because it's funny and next because this has better special effects than all of King Kong Lives which tried the same stunt.

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Well heck I'll burn that to DVD for you. How much would you pay? Heh.

I make the offer of one cookie, one slice of American Cheese, and a field mouse. What you do with them is your problem.


What is that song on the new Hummer 3 commercial

I've tried to find that out myself. There's no credits anywhere on their site even though they have a making-of clip.

You people. You got that damn song in my head.

The music for the Hummer Monster commercial is "Love is Strange", written by Ethel Smith and Mickey Baker, originally recorded in the 1960s. It is sung here by Everything But The Girl who are not happy about it. On their web site Ben and Tracey point out that their cover version of 'Love Is Strange' was used without their knowledge or consent. Warner Music UK, who controls their early 90's recorded performances, agreed that the track could be used, but did not inform the band.

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