Nintendo Revolution controller revealed

This has got to be a joke, right? Nope, its real, and IGN has a hands-on article.

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D James:

Looks like a good idea for Adult Games?

Adult Games? Yea, thats an intelligent comment.

The controller does look like a good idea. From the sounds of it, it will be like a VR glove sans the glove. Looks like some rather impressive tech. in that weird looking controller.

On a related note... Hey Matt: We should really try not to post about the same exact thing back to back. At least wait a post or two so it looks like an honest mistake :P


Wow, that's weird. looks like the phillips cd-i controller. I'm a bit scared, I really hope this works out. Frankly, I think it looks like shit, but if the people who've played with it say it's okay, I guess that's what it is. Fortunately, you can still attach GC controllers to the revo.

The one with the second analog stick attached looks quite awkward to hold, although IGN says that "It was a very natural application and felt pretty smooth".

Plus, you can hold it sideways and it'll be just like the NES controller. That's quite cool, especially for playing NES games.

And you could play Samba de Amigo with 2 controllers, one in each hand. That's cool, too. You can have strategy games with an actual cursor, comparable to using a mouse. Or a fighting game where you actually "punch" while holding the controller in your hands? And Light Sabers! There are going to be some utterly awesome games for this system. I hope it gets the normal set of ports, too. Otherwise, I'll probably get an Xbox as my second system (Project Gotham Racing!).

Madden will be hard to play like that (especially with the lack of buttons), and that's critical regardless of your feelings on the game. I see a controller this wild like I do the DS. Some developers will have the greatest ideas ever that use everything great about it, and then others lazily port their stuff with half-assed "extra features" that fail miserably.

I don't think it matters to Nintendo if they can pull in a large audience. They're the only ones who consistently pull in profits from their hardware, small user base or not. I have full faith this controller will be great once I hold it, but I feel sorry for how many third parties will keep their games elsewhere.

However, I do see this as a potential platform for smaller developers. Games can be kept simple, and with the hardware power being just a small leap, they can pull off some nifty stuff.

If you're still leery about it, check the videos around the net of people using it. I also brought this up when I was talking to Ken earlier today, but keep in mind the Rev has Gamecube controller ports. There's a possibility some companies could use those instead for games that require more traditional sets.

And LKM, I thought CD-I right away too. They did end up releasing a standard pad later though. Who knows?

I hope the Wavebird is compatible with the Revolution. That thing was expensive (but worth it).

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