PSP Video Export in Toast 7

Toast 7 is really great. It is a big improvement over Toast 6. There seems to be a bug with the PSP Video export feature in Toast 7.0.1 however. Toast crashes every time you try and export to PSP Video. I have been in contact with the Roxio technical support lead after posting and receiving feedback on the Roxio forums.

He had me explain in detail, as well as provide the crash log and my Apple System Profiler info. I hope that Roxio can fix the problem.

After extensive trial an error, by myself and another Toast user on the forums, it is clear that only MPEG-4 and DV video can be converted to PSP Video in Toast 7.0.1. If you give Toast anything other then MPEG-4 or DV video, Toast crashes, many times within five seconds.

And it doesn't appear to be just me.

What is odd is that a rather old coded, Sorenson 3 Pro, even crashes Toast. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, because Toast does convert video faster then PSPWare. On the other hand, PSPWare not only converts (any video format thrown at it) video, but it syncs it to the PSP too.

Time will tell, but for right one of Toast 7's coolest new features is crippled.

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