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I feel a little late noticing this, but I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find out a movie based on Alan Moore's 1980s dystopian-anarchy short series "V for Vendetta" is soon to be released, directed by the Wachikowskis no less.

I absolutely loved the comic, it was such a tightly knit, well thought out story done in a way, with so many paralells and such, that's only possible in comics... so I hope this is a good adaptation... or at least better than "From Hell" and "League of Extraordinairy Gentlemen," the only other movies to come from Moore's fantastic, extensive repertoire.

So, casting looks good: Hugo Weaving is V and Natalie Portman is Evey. And John Hurt is in everything. The trailer is out, debuted at the San Diego Comic-con, but I don't think it'll be in theatres till March.

Official site ; IMDB entry.

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Before getting your hope up, consider this:

  • Moore wants nothing to do with this movie and does not endorse it.
  • After Matrix 2 & 3, I don't tust the Wachowskis. If they can mess up The Matrix, they're capable of messing up anything. However, they aren't directing it. James McTeigue is, and he's probably even worse.
  • Natalie Portman wasn't in anything good since Léon.

I'm not saying it's gonna be bad, but I wouldn't put too much hope into it. I'm gessing it's more along the lines of Elektra/Fantastic Four than Batman/Sin City.

By the way, I think Constantine was also based on a Moore book. I guess there might be more...

Jordan Fouts:

I looked through McTeigue's other credits and they're a mixed bag: He did Dark City, which was ok and I suppose a similar mood to what this needs to be, but also Street Fighter... And then he was first assistant director to most of the Matrix and Star Wars films. Egad.

Disappointing to learn all that... and on top of it, I hear key scenes from the comic were cut, like V's 'conversation' with Lady Justice, one of my favorite parts. If you leave things like that out than yeah, all that's left is a bunch of anarchists throwing bombs into carriages.

I'm kind of doubting live action film is the medium for an adaptation of this anyway... animation more like it perhaps. I mean, a serious Japanese style adaptation might pull it off better. So yeah I am hoping it manages to be a prescient commentary on terrorism and a tight-fisted know-better state than, like, simply the next comic book-to-movie-because-it's-hot-now attempt. On the plus side, the Wachikowskis -are- fans of the comic and wrote the script 15 years ago, even before doing their Matrices, so maybe there'll be a little heart behind it...


Didn't see Constantine but I just looked it up: Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis did the comic. I never read the comic and I don't recognize their names from anything else...

Didn't see Constantine but I just looked it up: Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis did the comic.

Curious... Moore definitely invented John Constantine. Wikipedia says:

The character was first invented by Alan Moore for his horror comic Swamp Thing.

Wikipedia also has more on Moore's problem with movie adaptions of his works.


In all fairness, I must admit that the movie was awesome. It's definitely in the same league as Batman Begins and Sin City. It's even a bit darker and more serious than these two. And it's definitely more relevant.

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