Still playing Wipeout Pure

How many video games can you say you have played consistently for a full six months - and still intend to play for many more months to come.

That is the best compliment you can give a game. Not a Game of the Year award. Not a review with high praise. No, the best thing you can say is that you are still playing the game months after the shine has worn off.

Any PSP owner who has Wipeout Pure in their library knows what I mean. Wipeout Pure is the game I play most, and I currently have 15 games for my PSP.

I just opened up the third speed class, and have a lot more of the game to go. Part of the reason I have been playing this game so long is the more then expected downloadable content. As of this writing, there have been five separate downloads in the US: Gamma Pack 1, 2, and 3, and Classic Pack 1 and 2.

The downloads have included new tracks, a new ship, and new skins. I hope they continue to release new tracks via download. I am already impressed with the downloads that are available right now.

When we were told they would have downloadable content originally, I really didn't think it would be much. I mean, look at all that downloadable content on Xbox Live.

Other PSP games could benefit from downloads similar to Wipeout Pure.

The other reason I keep playing Wipeout Pure is because it is pure fun, no pun intended. As the speed classes get faster, the enemy AI gets more and more aggressive, and the game really starts to take off.

OK, enough with the puns. Out of all the PSP titles to date, I am most impressed with Wipeout Pure. It gets my vote for best launch title, and Game of the Year.

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It gets my vote for best launch title, and Game of the Year.

PSP game of the year or overall GOTY?

PSP for sure. I haven't played enough 2005 games to comment on an overall GOTY yet.

Lumines? Ridge Racer? Hot Shots? Smart Bomb?

Smart Bomb... thats funny. Smart Bomb gets the award for the worst PSP title so far. But yes, Wipeout Pure beats Lumines, Ridge Racer, and Hot Shots Gold. I have all of these games (well I finally sold Smart Bomb) and Wipeout Pure has given me more reason to turn on my PSP then Lumines, Ridge Racer,and Hot Shots.

Yes, I put Wipeout ahead of Ridge Racer, and the others.

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