Team USA makes World Cup

Qualifying for the World Cup is done.

The United States is headed to next year's soccer championship in Germany after beating Mexico 2-0 last night thanks to goals by Steve Ralston and DaMarcus Beasley five minutes apart in the second half.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal

I love that Nike commercial running right now that starts out something like "OK, lets talk about soccer for two seconds because that's two seconds more then it deserves..."

It's a shame how the US has never embraced soccer as a major sport on the same level of football, basketball and baseball. Especially as USA Soccer has been competing well in the world arena, something the NFL, NBA, and MLB don't do.

It was a great game, though I am sure you missed it. It was on ESPN 2 which I was happy to see. Sure was choppy. The US and Mexico like to get physical. Great to se USA qualify for the World Cup first of the Americas for the first time since 1934.

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