The Death of the Porn Star

This was all over the news when I got here at the end of August, two male models (porn stars some say) who got lost under mysterious circumstances somewhere on the tiny mountain in the middle of the island. I bring it up now because their mother is suing.

The guys' bodies were found at the bottom of a nearby quarry after a couple weeks but police have no idea how they got there. I mean they fell, obviously, but there were no signs they were pushed or stabbed or any of that. My old roommate suspects a suicide pact.

So I hear on the radio today their mother is suing police and the quarry owners, because of the crap-job she thinks police did and because the quarry didn't put humungous signs in English warning drunken porn stars to stay away.

No idea how much she'd get; Canadians don't sue, generally, because it isn't worth it. There are caps on the amount they'd get in damages. No idea if it applies to international lawsuits.

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