41 Xbox 360 Games & Their Release Dates

Joystiq has a listing of Xbox 360 games and their expected release dates that blog GamersReports claims comes directly from a GameStop point-of-sales system printout.

My only question is why do we have to resort to this underground way of gathering information? With less then a month before the release of the Xbox 360, (26 days for those of us counting) I do not see why there is no official news from Microsoft yet. I cannot remember a console launch where we did not have an official list this close to launch.

Here is the very unofficial list courtesy of Joystiq and GamersReports:

1. Perfect Dark Zero Regular Edition: 11/07/05
2. Kameo Elements of Power: 11/09/05
3. Quake 4: 11/15/05
4. GUN: 11/15/05
5. Call of Duty 2: 11/15/05
6. FIFA Soccer 2006: Road to World Cup: 11/15/05
7. Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland: 11/15/05
8. NBA 2K6: 11/15/05
9. Need for Speed: Most Wanted OLC: 11/15/05
10. Madden NFL 2006 OLC: 11/15/05
11. NBA Live 2006 OLC: 11/15/05
12. Tiger Woods PGA Tour OLC: 11/15/05
13. Condemned: 11/15/05
14. Ampled 3: 11/15/05
15. Perfect Dark Zero: Collector Tin: 11/17/05
16. Project Gotham Racing 3: 11/17/05
17. Dead or Alive 4: 11/18/05
18. King Kong: Peter J (STREET 11/22): 11/18/05
19. NHL 2K6: 11/21/05
20. Ridge Racer 6: 11/22/05
21. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: 12/05/05
22. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Coll Ed: 12/05/05
23. Lost Odyssey: 01/02/06
24. College Hoops 2K6: 01/02/06
25. Top Spin 2: 01/02/06
26. Godfather, The: February
27. Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter: February
28. Outfit, The: 02/02/06
29. Saints Row: 02/02/06
30. Frame City Killer OLC: 02/07/06
31. Full Auto: 02/21/06
32. Gears of War: March
33. Def Jam: March
34. Fight Night: March
35. Burnout Revenge: March
36. Test Drive Unlimited: March
37. Splinter Cell 4: March
38. Prey: March
39. Dead Rising: May
40. Chromehounds: May
41. Superman Returns: 07/03/06
Nothing seems out of the ordinary. It has been rumored already that Elder Scrolls IV would not be released until the first week in December. Remember, a game cannot be pushed back if it does not yet have an official release date. Maybe that is Microsoft's reasoning for waiting until the last minute to give official details. But Japan has its official list of launch games. Why don't we?

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