AP article on drive-by... it was the video game

This is just absurd. The video game has NOTHING to do with the story, yet it's on the headline. I bet if he was making chicken for dinner it wouldn't have made the headline, but video games, they're headline material.

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Matt, I don't exactly see your point here. The kid probably was playing a video game. The article did not try and make it out as if the game caused the shot to hit him in the head. In fact it stated it was an "area described by police as a center of recent drug activity and violence."

I think you are reading too much into things.

Why though? Why is the video game information neccesary for the headline? It has NO bearing on the story, let alone the headline. I doesn't matter what he was doing. It's neccesary to get people reading. It's beyond bad journalism.

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